About Floor Wittink

Music combined with language fascinates me; my latest project is called ‘Misschien wisten zij alles’ (‘Maybe they knew everything’). In this story telling concert I combine stories of the Dutch writer Toon Tellegen with classical music.

I studied classical saxophone; In 2002 I obtained my Masters Degree. Since then I have participated in many projects playing chamber music, music theatre and in symphony orchestras.

foto: efraim schulz-wackerbarth

I also enjoy teaching saxophone very much, pushing the boundaries of music education. My goal is to let my students discover and develop their unique musicality. Have a listen of some of my, younger, students on Youtube or go to the Saxschool. In 2011 I developed saxophone workshops for the adult player. Have a look at my website www.saxofoonworkshops.nl to find articles on saxophone playing.

Breathing technique has my special interest. I developed the ‘Optimale ademhaling’ audio breathing exercises for wind instrument players.
It is accompagnied by a PDF explanation about breathing and breath support.

 I wrote the e-book ‘Spelen vanuit je hart’ (‘Playing form the heart) for amateur musicians. It tells about musicality, flow, being nervous on stage and gives tools for how to study music, how to use silence in your music, how to prepare your performance and much more.