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Effortless breathing for musicians

Develop your breathing technique with this online course!

  • Learn how to breathe freely with a natural breath support

  • Learn at your own pace in your own home

  • Know more about the influence of breathing on your health


“I followed tenth of breathing course and this course gives very rare and precious clues about how to breathe properly.”

“This is a fantastic, very detailed, practice-based course. As a saxophone player, I know how important breathing is but this course goes beyond playing music and is about the advantages of integrating effortless breathing in your daily life.”

“What a great lessons on breathing! Floor Wittink is an excellent and inspiring teacher, her explanations are bright and clear. Very usefull for everybody and for musicians!”

Are you a wind instrumentalist or a singer and do you wish to:

  • Develop your breathing technique so that you are able to play or sing with more confidence and inner peace

  • Breathe freely without the feeling of getting stuck

  • A clear structure in learning to breathe expanding the whole torso and applying breath support that is both powerful and relaxed

  • Be able to help your students more accurately with their breathing

  • A more beautiful sound

  • Connect more with your body

  • A better understanding of the physiology of breathing and breath support

  • Know more about the influence of breathing on your health and physical processes like heartbeat and stress level including exercises to improve your well-being.

  • Just know more about this fascinating subject?

To develop a healthy way of breathing is unfortunately not alwasy easy and there are lots of misunderstandings about the way we should breathe when playing or singing. This can result in too much tension in our body and too much pressure on the throat, head and organs. The enormous influence of breathing on our health, emotions makes it very important to know more about it and learn to use your body in an optimal way. With exercises that help you develop your inner awareness.

Who am I and what can I offer you?

My name is Floor Wittink and I am a professional classical saxophonist and breath coach. I have played in many projects, from chamber and symphonic music to musical theatre. My own search to improve my breathing technique led me to fantastic teachers/practicioners and more effortless way of breathing and breath support.

Amongst my teachers was Feldenkrais practitioner and clarinettist Gerard Zuyderhoff with whom I collaborated with in making this course.

For over 35 years Gerard worked as a Feldenkrais practitioner at the conservatory in Zwolle and at the Theater College in Utrecht. He guided both voice as well as instrumental students to optimize their movement and breathing while practicing and performing .
My 20 years of experience in the education field, next to being a musician, led me to making an online course about breathing. It was not easy to make a clear overview of this vast subject but a great challenge and with satisfying result. The Feldenkrais exercises that Gerard offered are combined with the most valuable exercises that I use in my workshops and lessons.
This online course gives you lots of ideas that you can continue to explore for the rest of your life. Getting personal feedback and learning together is of course a nice way to supplement the course, and you can choose to follow the monthly webinars or add individual sessions.
An online course is a relatively affordable way to learn. If you are able to discipline yourself to practice everyday, if only for 5 minutes, you’ll provide a great basis for yourself to improve your playing or singing.
Floor Wittink

What can you expect?

This course consists of three modules:

1. How we breath

2. How breath support works

3. Breath and Health

Each module starts with theory,  followed by practical lessons, which include  important study tips and exercises (there are 8 lessons, five audio-exercises during 25 minutes in total and ten video’s (55 minutes in total).

The advice is to take at least one week for one lesson and to make them part of your daily routine. So the course lasts at least two months.

  • Once a month you get acces to a Q&A webinar.

The third module is not just for musicians, since professionals singers and wind players already have an intimate awareness of their breath work, to help perform at their best level. This third module will benefit anyone to create proper breathing techniques for Health awareness and enhance our immune system.
In this very busy world, we often find ourselves running out of time. Through Feldenkrais exercises and breath awareness we create a powerful “in the moment “ Mindfulness in which we learn to listen to our bodies. Step by step you’ll become more aware and  focused on how you feel, how you move and how you can avoid injuries.


This course costs €110.

Money back guarantee is provided for 7 days.

Yes I'd love to take this course!

Or have a look at the first lesson for free!

Floor Wittink has succeeded in creating a very complete online course about breathing. The text is carefully put together and complemented with illuminating videos that help you practice.
Theory and practice are very well put together in this method.
I am very enthousiastic about this course!

Henk Menkveld, clarinettist and clarinet teacher

“During my education at the conservatory , I was fortunate to receive lessons from a Feldenkrais practitioner who taught me to become aware of my posture and breathing while playing my instrument. This has proven to be very helpful for my work as a flute teacher at the music school and stimulated me to become a body oriented coach.
This course was thoroughly built up from Floor’s own experiences , which stimulates the participant to develop a basic confidence while playing their chosen instrument .
This has been helpful in many ways.

Lida van Hellemondt, flutist, flute teacher, body oriented coach

Years ago I gave a masterclass Feldenkrais to master students at the Messiaen Academy Conservatory. One of the students was Floor.
To my suprise Floor contacted me some years ago about her idea of making an online course about breathing. It turned out that she had succeeded in explaining this complex material in a clear and accessible manner.
For me it was a great pleasure to have collaborated with Floor in creating this course. I hope and I am confident that many people will benefit from this course, giving wings to their breathing and music.

Gerard Zuyderhoff, Feldenkrais practitioner, clarinettist, voice actor

Bravo, congratulations with this fantastic course material!!!!
I think you did a great job and that this is a very complete breathing course. I don’t have any suggestions to improve it. For singers the next step would be working on vocal tone.

Manuela Ochakovsky Singer, Vocal pedagogue, Il Portamento