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'Where words fail, music speaks' - Hans Christian Andersen

About me

Floor Wittink is a Dutch professional saxophonist, teacher, breathcoach and workshopleader. Floor earned her Master’s degree in Classical Saxophone through studies with Johan van der Linden. She followed masterclasses with, amongst others, Arno Bornkamp, Claude Delangle, Christer Johnsson and Christiaan Bor. Following these studies Floor did a three-month residency at the beautiful Banff Centre of the Arts in Canada where she gave many performances in collaborations with fellow musicians and recorded a solo CD.

Since that time Floor has been busy working with symphony orchestras like the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, music theatre like Holland Opera and several chamber groups; playing duo with piano, guitar, harp and with saxophone quartet.

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Floor always loved to be a teacher and started teaching the saxophone already during her studies. She frequently gives workshops and clinics where she focuses on issues like sound and breathing. For the past years she has devoted a lot of time to writing about these issues on her blog and in e-book about playing from your heart (Spelen vanuit je hart). She also published a book about teaching music for teachers.

As a wind instrumentalist, Floor has a special interest in breathing and decided a few years ago to become a breathcoach next to her activities as performer and teacher. She helpt wind instrumentalists, singers and speakers with breathing technique and helps people to develop a healthy breathing pattern.

She recently developed several online courses about breathing and saxophone playing in Dutch and English.

Why a Breathe Starter Kit?

  1. Belly breathing or (high) chest breathing? It can be confusing what is the right way to breathe. In this Starter Kit you’ll learn about the movement of the diaphragm and how to make space for integrated breathing.
  2. To be able to relax and get rid of stress helps you to gain energy and sleep better. Learn how breathing can help you!
  3. Breath support is used when speaking, singing or playing a wind instrument. In this kit you’ll find a simple exercise to help you develop a warm sound.
  4. And: to breathe better means living a healthier life!

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'Both the way of presentation and the content of this course “Learn to play sax” will be very stimulating if you are starting to play this instrument. In particular the fact that in a short while you are introduced to playing along and improvising. In addition the course conveys know-how that is also noteworthy to the already advanced player, e.g. in the areas of handling of the instrument, body posture and hand position, and breathing technique. This also holds for various exercises that are included. A well thought out and designed course.'

saxophone student

Years ago I gave a masterclass Feldenkrais to master students at the Messiaen Academy Conservatory. One of the students was Floor.
To my suprise Floor contacted me some years ago about her idea of making an online course about breathing. It turned out that she had succeeded in explaining this complex material in a clear and accessible manner.
For me it was a great pleasure to have collaborated with Floor in creating this course. I hope and I am confident that many people will benefit from this course, giving wings to their breathing and music.

Gerard Zuyderhoff, Feldenkrais practitioner, clarinettist, voice actor
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