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Learn to play the saxophone and master your first saxy songs!

Clear and complete explanation of the technique of saxophone performance. Play and improvise with over great tracks in the videos. Develop your musicality, gain confidence and enjoy making music!

For you?

Learn to Play Sax offers a clear and complete explanation of the technique of saxophone playing together with learning to play songs in different musical styles.

It's possible to look up the sheet music over every song but also to learn them by heart with help of the videos. With the demo- and backingtracks you can repeat it easily for yourself (for both Eb as Bb saxophones).

Learn to Play Sax is a beginners course, but also can be useful to more experienced players because of a thorough explanation of the technique of playing and the focus on playing by heart and repeating by ear. Learn to Play Sax is about music making where good sax playing is a means to accomplish that!

The course provides backing- and demotracks, sheet music, additional PDF's and several other resources.

Note: This course is most suitable for the altosax or baritone player because Floor plays the alto in the video’s. But you’ll find the tracks also played in B flat played by on soprano saxophone. So every song can be played on soprano or tenor with demo and backing track, but you can’t play along in the video

This course is developed and presented by Floor Wittink and Put Into Sound (both video and audio)

What you will learn (check below for full content)

How to assemble the sax and clean it

How to develop a beautiful sound

Lots of notes and 4 scales

How to play by heart

Basics of note reading (sheet music included)

Songs in different musical styles

Understand basic musical structure

How to play freely ánd accurate

This course emphasizes on learning how to play the sax and developing your musicality, including playing by heart and improvising, and less on reading notes. There are many programs that can help you with this skill. It simply takes time and practice. But in this course sheet music of every song is provided and you’ll learn all the note names together with the saxophone fingerings, the use of sharps and flats, time signatures and counting along. You’ll improve your rhythm skills and learn to memorize a melody. In addition, you’ll be able to play several scales and play famous songs in different keys, all of which is a great foundation, furthering the development of your reading skills.

Knowing how to study and become your own teacher is often underestimated, but the increased confidence will help you to keep developing your skills. Most importantly, you’ll be inspired to continue playing and enjoying this wonderful instrument!

Floor Wittink

This complete beginners course is developed by Floor Wittink: a professional saxophonist with over 20 years of experience both in performance and teaching. Floor has developed a clear vision about teaching. She has written a book and founded a Saxophone school based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Floor made a course where her vision and experience with teaching hundreds of adults and children are brought together.

Floor states that everyone should experience the joy of music making. Develop musical skills, confidence, knowing how to study, through playful exercise and the development of good technique and sound are all part of what makes you a complete musician.

What people say about it

Both the way of presentation and the content of this course “Learn to play sax” will be very stimulating if you are starting to play this instrument. In particular the fact that in a short while you are introduced to playing along and improvising. In addition the course conveys know-how that is also noteworthy to the already advanced player, e.g. in the areas of handling of the instrument, body posture and hand position, and breathing technique. This also holds for various exercises that are included. A well thought out and designed course.

Maarten van Lent

Good understandable explanation about the basics of playing the saxophone. Handy as a reference book to grab while playing

Ellanie de Bruijne

Very interesting and very useful course for the starting saxophonist. Even useful for intermediate sax players

Carel van Ballegoy

Floor explains everything clearly and at a relaxed pace. I also learn new things even though I already play some sax. E.g. about the tongue technique and the breathing exercises. Thanks

Anita van den Bosch

I like the thorough yet clear explanations

Donald Cowdry

Check out the minicourses (and buy a part of the course Learn to play Sax)

How to Assemble your Saxophone, €9

In this minicourse you'll recieve four videolessons:

  • What you need when you start to play the saxophone and how to assemble the reed to the mouthpiece
  • Assembling the rest of your saxophone
  • How to clean your saxophone
  • Pack & pack away in three minutes

Order here (price €9)

About Sound & Rhythm, €27

In this minicourse I selected the following videolessons (resources included) for you:

  • Tongue technique
  • Tonguing Exercises
  • The Ssaxy Blues
  • Breathing Exercises
  • About Time Signatures
  • About Reading Rhythm
  • Exercises for a Beautiful Sound
  • Play Rhythmic Variations on the Ssaxy Blues
  • Introducing the Metronome
  • Metronome Exercises
  • Rhythm Exerciese with Backing Track

Oder here (price €27)

Full content of the course

About learning to learn
Tips on how to follow this course
About your instructor
About musicality (Don’t worry about it!)


Module 1 Assembling the saxophone
What do you need when you start to play
Assembling the sax
Pack away your sax


Module 2 Blow!
First exercises
Top embouchure checks


Module 3 First Notes
First notes G,A,B,C
Exercises with G,A,B,C
Play your first melody
Tongue technique
Tonguing exercises


Module 4 First Songs
The Ssaxy Blues
Improvise on the Ssaxy Blues
Morning Moon Song
A Classical Improvisation
Morning Sun Song
Road map: how to practice a new piece


Module 5 Sound & Rhythm
Breathing exercises
Time Signatures lecture
Reading Rhythm lecture
Exercises for a beautiful sound
Play rhythmic variations on the Ssaxy Blues

Module 6 The Low Notes
F,E,D and low C
Exercises with the low notes
Note Names (theory)
The C Scale
Ssmooth Jazz song


Module 7 More Songs
Ode to Joy
The Ssaxy Bossa
Summertime extra learning steps
Ssmooth jazz duet


Module 8 Play High
The Octave Key
Exercises with the octave key
The High C scale
Ode to Joy with octave key
Ode to Joy in another key
Summertime with octave key


Module 9 PLay in Different Keys
Twelve keys (theory)
The G Scale & F#
Improvise in G
Summertime in G
The D Scale & C#
Happy Birthday
Evening Dance
The F Scale & Bb
Happy Birthday in F
The Lonesome Road


Module 10 Train your Rhythm Skills
Metronome exercises
Rhythmic exercises with backing track
Let’s Play! Song Demo
Let’s Play explained

Foto: Koen van der Wel

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