How to Assemble the Saxophone


This module is part of the online course Learn to Play Sax

Opening your saxophone case for the first time can be intimidating. All these shiny parts, and it costs a lot of money as well. In this module you’ll learn what you need when you start playing the saxophone, how to assemble it and how to pack away. And; which saxophone should you choose? Which accessories do you need? What are the costs?

In assembling your saxophone it is important to be precise in, for example, adjusting the reed in order to be able to make a proper sound. I’ll also show you the most common mistakes in putting the reed on the mouthpiece. It takes some effort in the beginning but later on it will cost you a minute.
The saxophone is a vulnerable instrument so you also want to know how to avoid any damage when assembling it: you’ll learn what to look out for in this module.

Last but not least: cleaning is important so I’ll teach you what cleaning stuff you need and how to maintain you sax.

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