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How do you achieve a good posture and why is it so important? Your posture tells something about how you are feeling and it is good to be aware of this when you are playing in front of an audience. Also your breathing and technique depend on good posture. So, read the following tips!

Stand upright, with your weight evenly distributed on both legs, as if a rope were pulling you up from the crown of your head.

Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. In that way your balance is optimal.

Shoulders, arms, fingers and throat should be relaxed; the tension you need to produce the air to blow into your horn comes from your torso.

If you let your sax hang loose the mouthpiece should come to the height of your mouth and not lower.
Tip: stand upright and then adjust your saxophone, instead of the other way around.

Keep your wrists straight. Tip: have a look in the mirror while playing and check your wrists.

The hands: the fingers should be relaxed and slightly bent as in natural position.

Press the keys with a definitive movement, but do not move your fingers too far away from the keys. Your fingers should stay bent while pressing the keys.

The thumbs should remain still, the octave key is pressed by your thumb tilting your thumb slightly.

Watch this video to see a véry unshakable posture…..…and if you know how to play well, you can play in many different postures as you can see in this video.

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