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The right embouchure: how do you do it? Don’t let yourself be confused by all the different stories. Keep three things in mind en get the basics right.
Three things to keep in mind:

There are several possibilities for a good embouchure depending on which sound you want to have en fits you. Focus on finding the right balance between tension and relaxation. In my next blog I give exercises that help you get a flexible embouchure. Good breathing and a right posture are neccesary to get a good embouchure!

Embouchure basics:

1. The teeth are firmly on the mouthpiece approximately 1 cm from the edge

2. The mouthpiece does not slide into the mouth (as if there were a clamp between your teeth and your left thumb pushes you forward slightly)

3. Keep your lower lip somewhat loose, feel the reed vibrate in your lip

4. No chubby cheeks and the mouth corners are forward

5. The jaw must be relaxed, do not drop or pull back the jaw for the lower notes, nor bite for the high notes

A teacher can help you establish your embouchure. It’s easier to learn it right from the start!

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